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Let me clear my throat…

Hello. First let me introduce myself. My name is Nelson Torres. I’ve been a music fan since as long as I could remember. My first musical memory goes back to to around ’74 or ’75 when my parents were together. My father was guitar player way back in the days, in the early 1970’s that is, playing acoustic guitar in what was known as trios in the social club which three guys, duh, would get together and played songs about drinking, getting laid, Jesus, stuff like that. Their would a lead, second guitar, and rhythm guitar. My father would play the lead and sing as well. He was amazing, when he wasn’t getting drunk, getting into fights, or stabbed in the back, literally by his fellow musicians. We were living at 174st and Washington Ave in the South Bronx and the neighborhood was slowly burning away. The only radio we had was in the Galaxie 500 which contained a broken 8-track cassette player, only AM stations, listening to WHN, NYC’s premier country music station, featuring the like of Johnny Cash, Glenn Campbell, Kenny Rogers, and an occasional John Denver jam.

Go figure, a Puerto Rican kid in the South Bronx, in the 1970’s, listening to country music, while the Bronx is burning down.

Part 2 coming soon….

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